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Candy Bar line with aerated

Candy Bar line with aerated

Candy Bar line with aerated

This Candy Bar line  is able to produce aerated candies such as:Nougat, milk candy, chews, shaquma (a kind of Chinese pastry)

Candy Bar line specification:
Center dimensions:  L=24mm    W=22mm  H=13mm
Slab width:350mm
Usable slab width: 330mm (less 2*10 mm edge trim)
Number of rows across: 15 rows, with 40 mm lateral pitch
Slab speed: approx.1.5m/min
Candy Bar line capacity: approx.350kg/h of nougat incl. Nuts

1.  1 (One) Slab Former
The former incl. Feed hopper, two forming and cooling drums and fat rollers.

Level control switch:

2.  2m Water Cooled Infeed Table
In stainless steel execution

3.  1 (One) Belt Greasing Device
It is installed underneath the infeed table for preventing nougat sticking.

4.  1(One) Glycol Chilling Unit
With 10 HP cooling compressor for Freon 22,one internal main cooling circuit with two additional water circuits(One for the slab former,one for the bottom cooling of the cooling tunnel).The glycol chilling unit with water cooled condenser.

5.  12m Cooling Tunnel
With stainless steel bottom cooling plates,incl. Special conveyor belt .
Bottom cooling in 5 zones from the glycol chilling unit.
The top cooling in 2 zones from one air cooling module incl. Cooling compressor.
The covers are easily removable.

6.  1m Belt Drive Pedestal
With transfer to the following bar slitting,spreading and cutting machine,incl.variable speed drive with remote control from the infeed table and the incl. Pneumatic belt tensioning system.

7.  2(Two) photo-pneumatic Belt Tracking Units
In stainless steel execution.
One installed underneath the cooling tunnel infeed table and one installed inside the belt drive pedestal.

8.  4.1m Slitting,Spreading and Cutting Device
For slitting,spreading and cutting the candy bars.

The machine consists of :
a. Longitudinal Slitting Station
b. Spreading Station
For the vertical and horizontal spreading of the rows to enrobing distance.
c. 1m Infeed Table
To guillotine cutter,incl. Variable speed drive and pnenumatic belt tracking unit.
d. Mechanical Guillotine Cutter
For max.120 cuts/min
The guillotine with separate frequency controlled main drive and with belt following movement. Cutting takes place on a driven anvil roller.
e. 1m Discharge/Speed-up Belt
With variable speed drive including pneumatic belt tensioning and belt tracking unit.