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Automatic coating machine

This efficient coating machine is mainly used in food industry,which are of tablet, pill, candy and chocolate candy, such as for icing like a highly efficient, energy-saving, safe, clean, meet the requirements of the food-grade coating equipment of mechanical and electrical integration.
Coating system includes coating host, Double color feeder system, Powdered sugar blanking device, Automatic discharging device ,Automatic cleaning system, Dust exhaust cabinet, Cold and hot air supplying cabinet.
Have pass roller coating
Can meet all types coating requirements
Such as

Hard candy coating
Jelly coating
Chewing gum coating

storage and operation capacity
Refrigeration and heating dry dust removal system
Cylinder lining and spray device
Adjustable nozzle with high pressure spray device automatically

storage and operation capacity

Automatic discharging device at the bottom of the structure

Refrigeration and heating dry dust removal system

Slurry storage device and feeding system

Efficient intelligent coating machine features:
1,by PLC control system design is reasonable, the programming is flexible, can meet the needs of a variety of different coating process, reliable operation, stable performance, in line with the GMP requirements.
2,Lizzie in streamlined guide plate under the action of stirrer, flip fluid, frequent exchange and eliminates the sugar core falling from a height and collision phenomenon, put an end to the fragments and ke, improve the yield. Guide plate on the surface is narrow small, to avoid the dressings on its surface adhesion, save dressing, improves the product quality.
3,rotor pump with flow meter output size and quantity of shotcrete automatic balance, stabilized the atomization effect, simplifies the spray system, to prevent the spray gun jams, save dressing, and easy to clean, no dead Angle,
4,automatic cleaning function, do not need to staff. To start, (optional electric heating and steam heating control clean water temperature).