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Pillow type chocolate wrapping machine

chocolate Pillow type  wrapping machine

Chocolate Pillow type wrapping machine

Pillow type chocolate wrapping machine:
Function:This machine is used for packing solid goods with regular shapes,Such as Biscuit,Chocolate,long shape candy, Bread,Instant noodles,waster ice, Ice cream,Moon cake,medicine, commodity, knife and fork, Hardware etc. Characteristic:
1、Computer Controller System,The photoelectric detection and bi-directional tracking,which can eliminate the error of packing and reduce the waste of packing film and raw materials
2、AC Motors equipped with transducer, which realized speed control, during processing can be adjusted dynamically
3、Intelligent Temperature System, displayed easily, easier for sitting,low rate of malfunction,  maintenance easily
4、Can be allocated Coding Machine,automatic suspend Puncher,Auto Hopper,Filling Nitrogen Device,stainless steel for this machine
5、Can reserve Cold Sealing packing(Such as Waster Ice,Ice Cream,Chocolate etc).
Pillow type chocolate wrapping machine:technical Specification:
Model Number : GF-Z400
Packing Speed: 50-400Grains/Minute
Finished Bag Size :85-320mm
Total Power :      2.8KW
Dimensions:       3800×990×1570
Net weight :        950kg
Voltage:               220V 50HZ
Wrapping Material:OPP、CPP、PET Aluminum plating film、Aluminum plastic film、Waxed paper Single and double layer heat sealing material
Note: if the user needs special specification of equipment,we can design and manufacture for him.