Chocolate folded packing machines(with strapping function)

Chocolate folded packing machine(with strapping function)are applied to the full automatic of chocolate,pralines and presses candies.This machine can be used to pack the products with a special size and shape through folding or strapping.After some parts are replaced,it can be used for the packing of the products with brush bag.The wrapping speed can be up to 450 grains per minute,which depends on the product shape and package materials.

GF-FP 450 chocolate folded packing machine are controlled by programs,and has the electronic control system for the presence of the products,so that the machine does not convey the package paper if there are no products to be packed,which guarantees the minimum paper consumption.
Furthermore,it can realize automatic color code tracking to ensure automatic color code tracking for identical packaging patterns on the products to make the packaging appearance more perfect.If there is no paper,the machine stops work automatically.

Technical specification

Total power:5.9KW

Voltage:50HZ 380V threr phrase

Compressed air:0.6Mpa

Product specification:Maximum length:55 Maximum width:25 Maximum heigth:22