Chocolate bunch,heart and rectangle wrapping machine

Chocolate bunch and rectangle wrapping machine

Chocolate bunch and rectangle wrapping machine

Automatic wrapping machine is for chorcolates,pralines and tablets in bunch,heart and rectangle also for special size and shape produets,round and envelope styles.

This Chocolate bunch,heart and rectangle wrapping machine can wrap with  single or backed aluminium.The special outlet group guarantees the perfect seal of the aluminium,even when using the not particularly plastic type.It can be set up for both random and horizontal outlets and can reach 360 actual wraps per minute depending on the shape of  the chocolate and the wrapping material used Has a color mark tracing system,so the wrapping is more perfect.
GF-W360 is composed of a stiff structure that can be separated into blocks,by a Product feeding belt and by adisc positioning the products in front of the arrival of the packaging paper.The packaging paper comes from two coils,where paper is developed thanks to aparticular roller system,and is fed to the meeting point with the product,where other groups package it,an outlet belt provides for the removal of the finished product.All operating elements are comected to the actuating mechanisms located inside the structure,that are adequately lubrified and connected each other by means of belts and gears,the commected to the main motor.

Technical specification on thes particular wrapping machine a series of holders has been mounted controlled by gears to transfer motion and cams for the movement of the folders.The latter mainly act on the bottom lf the product and guarantee a perfect lasting seal to the wrap.The seal can also be reinforced by using a special adhesive-group to be applies on horizontal outlet.

GF-W360  Chocolate bunch and rectangle wrapping machine is also provided with a wrapping size,feedbelt with electronic product presence control,4 folder wrapping equipment,roll-holder,machine stopping device.

Aligner for chocolate bunch and rectangle wrapping machine:Designed to position and align in one row chocolates of various shapes,receiving them deposited at random on a comveyor belt and conveying them to ba wrapping machine(speed:600 pieces/min).

The aligner is composed of various conveyors,belts and shaped guides.The first belt on which the aricles are deposited operates with altermating movement(inching machine)and it tuansfers,with each pitch,a certain quanity of articles onto the subsequent belt.The pitch length and frequency may be adjustde to suit the product.A second motor-powered belt on the last accelerating belt directs the positioned and aligned products toward the connectiong belt to the wrapping machine.


Wrapping speed          360 pieces per minute based on the different candy

Electrical power           380VAC+10% 50HZ

Power                         5.4kw

Compressed air          0.6MPa

Dimensions                Wrapping part 2700(L) X 1400(W)X1700(H)mm
Aligning part              4000(L) X 1200(W)X1450(H)mm

weight                       Approx 1100kg