Ball or egg-shaped chocolate packing machine

Ball or egg-shaped chocolate packing machine(Spherical sugar brush packer,a full-automatic packer),consists of two parts:a packing machine and an automatic vibration hoppper.

With single-skin aluminum package,its packing speed can reach 200/450 pellets/min,depending on the product is controlled by an electronic control system,featured by no product,no paper feed,achiving minimum paper consumption and automatic color code tracking;thus the pattern on the product is consistent,the package appearance is perfect;in addition,it can be automatically in case paper shortage.

Ball or egg-shaped chocolate packing machine specification:

Wrapping speed:200/450 pellets/min

Total power:5.4KW

Compresses air:0.6Mpa

Product dimensions:Max. Sphere:Φ 40/Φ 32

Max.major diameter of ellipse:55/35

Max.min diameter:40/25