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Chocolate Holding Tank

GFCHT1000不锈钢保温缸是巧克力生产中的必备设备,主要用于经精磨后的巧糖浆的保温贮存,以满足巧克力生产的工艺要求,适应连续化生产的要 求。本产品除了具有降温、升温、保温等功能外,可对巧克力浆料进行不停地搅拌,还具有脱气、脱臭、脱水以及防止浆料油脂分离等功能。

GFCHT1000 chocolate holding tank is the chocolate production necessary equipment, mainly uses in after the correct grinding chocolate syrup heat preservation storing, satisfies the chocolate production the technological requirement, adapts the continuous production request. This product besides has functions and so on temperature decrease, elevation of temperature, heat preservation, may carry on to the chocolate pulp does not stop stirs, but also has the degasification, the air sweetening, to dehydrate as well as to prevent functions and so on pulp fat separation.